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Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon have committed $B to AR development projects

Wearable 3D AR devices will be in a mainstream price range within 12-24 months (Google Glasses, Apple Glasses etc)

iPhone and Android phones will have 3D cameras built in and are capable of playing 3D AR content right now. 3D AR content is available now and plays on 4G devices.

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The ability to create 3D AR ‘holograms’ with REAL people and product-linked 3D AR ‘holograms’  is here now

  • Using low cost standard video            production techniques 
  • Run on any mobile devices
  • Can link from any web site, social media site or eCommerce platform
  • Employ Buy buttons 
  • Subtitling for language translation or sight impaired.
  • and much more.

Tailor-Made AR Strategy

Customised AR Commerce Strategy

Low touch retail, BOPIS and increased on line activity are here to stay — which means that it’s more crucial than ever that retailers look for better ways to engage and win customers.

As part of the process opting to launch AR, has the potential to overcome shoppers’ reservations about buying items they haven’t inspected or tried in person. By allowing consumers to spin, flip, and zoom in on virtual product images, place renderings in their real-life environments, and virtually try on new looks, 3D AR provides detailed views and accurate contextual cues about fit, size and scale that no other e-commerce feature can match. AR gives the shopper ownership of the buying experience online.


Not only are more retailers adopting AR commerce but retailers should be on the lookout for technology that doesn’t simply add AR assets to an app, but is integrated into a complete digital strategy.

PaiSec works with a client to understand their eCommerce strategy, their overall digital strategy and can then in conjunction with client design an customised AR Commerce strategy that works hand in hand with the overall eCommerce plan.

Bespoke AR ECommerce Plans

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The team at PaiSec is made up and can draw on a range of senior executives who have held roles as Managing Directors, Retail Directors, Sales Managers, FinTech executives,  eCommerce managers, Augmented Reality designers and many more that we bring into projects as required. 


When you engage with PaiSec you engage with a group of people who love what they do, have broad industry experience and have at one point probably held a role like your own.  


We bring to every project a wealth of experience, a current understanding of the market and an understanding of the technologies and trends that can help your business thrive.

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