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Retailers burdened with disparate commerce systems are struggling when it comes to decisions about POS, BOPIS, eCommerce, Mobile POS and other technologies to engage with the consumer in a sales process.

These businesses are often at the mercy of software vendors, plying a solution to an issue, but not seeing the business as a whole. 

Retailers may be running as many as a 100 to 150 API’s into their infrastructure, to facilitate payments, shipping, ecommerce modules etc.

These all cost time and money to maintain. Without an over all Digital Strategy, the retailer is at the mercy of the vendors.

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How many retail boards have an eCommerce or Digital Technologies expert as a board member?  Not many.

Retailers must add technology, innovation, and agility to their list of core board competencies, alongside merchandising, sales, and customer service. And they must have tools to design, build, and manage commerce experiences that differentiate their brand and respond to customers across all their platforms.


PaiSec can assist boards and senior management teams to identify the processes required, the gaps in their current business and the strategic plan to bring their digital strategy to life.

Company Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

Our depth of experience, with well credentialed executives with senior board experience working with Chairmen and Board committees. 


Our people have mentored and worked along side the entire C-Suite executive pool.


PaiSec executives have designed retail operational systems and worked with teams from the shop floor to the boardroom.


Finally, we have access to the people and systems to design the very latest and best of breed eCommerce and Payments solutions for our clients.

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Operational Design
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Tailor-Made Digital Strategy

Customized Digital Strategy

It is vital that your Digital strategy is fully integrated, connects and engages customers and delivers an enhanced Customer Experience. As such our clients increasingly require us to work with their teams on developing their technology strategy.


The process entails gaining a clear insight into your aims, intelligence and data, allowing us to build a full understanding of your objectives and of what success looks like to you. 


This process may be at the Board level with executives and Directors crafting a direction or seeking to understand the new technologies right through to the shop floor where the new strategy or process is to be implemented and the impacts of the change are being explored.


We then advise and develop the customer journey, data collection process, technology requirements, implementation and change management plans.

Design and Build

As leading Payments and eCommerce  designers, developers and implementation experts, we work closely with your team in bringing to life the project. 

Bespoke Transition Plans

We'd love to share our knowledge and experience

The team at PaiSec is made up and can draw on a range of senior executives who have held roles as Managing Directors, Retail Directors, Sales Managers, FinTech executives,  eCommerce managers, Augmented Reality designers and many more that we bring into projects as required. 


When you engage with PaiSec you engage with a group of people who love what they do, have broad industry experience and have at one point probably held a role like your own.  


We bring to every project a wealth of experience, a current understanding of the market and an understanding of the technologies and trends that can help your business thrive.

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