For Service Industries

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In service industries such as hairdressing, tradesman, driving instructors and music teachers the application for payment is to use SPS.

 The SPS solution solves a number of problems that these businesses currently have in regards to collecting payment, easily.

The bulk of customers carry credit cards but not all service businesses have credit card merchant facilities. PaiSec SPS eliminates the need for a payment terminal which is quite expensive for a business that has a low number of transactions.

In the instance of someone that is offering guitar lessons for example a request for payment can be sent via SMS for the amount. The customer can pre-authorise a number of lessons for a certain amount of money or they can then bill all the lessons one at a time or as they are completed if so desired.

It also allows the service provider to build a customer contact database for their current Client List and make them special offers on extensions for additional lessons and so forth or to book in bulk.

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