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Current studies indicate the key 5 issues merchants have with payments

1. The merchant acquiring costs of are just too high and are eating into margin.

2. The costs of managing multiple API’s on my payment platform are high.

3. The ability to make changes is too complex and too costly.

4. Payment method needed wasn’t available and sales are lost.

5.  Collecting and managing data is too complex and difficult.


In a world with rapidly expanding eCommerce use, if your payments process is not up to speed and capable of satisfying a more discerning shopper, you’ll lose sales.  We know that +60% of shopping carts in Australia are abandoned. 

Imagine if you could reduce this?


Don't Miss Out

PaiSec can assist you with a payments platform that can accept payments globally, simplify the process and grow your sales.  Sounds too good to be true, well we do it everyday for our customers.

We do this by providing a Payments Platform that; 


  1. Has access to 100’s of payments, risk and shipping solutions, just 1-click away
  2. Saves money by utilising least cost routing across all providers
  3. Unlocks actionable intelligence and assists you to prevent financial leakage with one consolidated billing view
  4. Grows revenue by enabling smart shipping options that increase cart conversion
  5. Access to the most competitive merchant acquiring rates, that will save you money from day 1.
  6. and much more.

Payment Solutions for any business

payment solutions

Payments as a Service platforms allow you to integrate multiple services in one API.  Get rid of the costly maintenance and update of multiple API’s and enjoy the benefits of a single source of service.

Some simple things we do

  • minimise cart abandonment
  • boost customer satisfaction
  • increase cart conversion
  • protect and increase authorisation rates
  • protect against lagging providers and card declines 
  • uncover substantial cost savings

In simple words, these will boost your conversion rates, grow your sales and reduce costs. 

Too good to be true. It isn’t and to find out why download our information sheet or book a time to chat.

Bespoke Payment Plans

We'd love to share our knowledge and experience

The team at PaiSec is made up and can draw on a range of senior executives who have held roles as Managing Directors, Retail Directors, Sales Managers, FinTech executives,  eCommerce managers, Augmented Reality designers and many more that we bring into projects as required. 


When you engage with PaiSec you engage with a group of people who love what they do, have broad industry experience and have at one point probably held a role like your own.  


We bring to every project a wealth of experience, a current understanding of the market and an understanding of the technologies and trends that can help your business thrive

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