Driven by customer experience, we utilise our industry expertise and technology excellence to transform business, increase revenues and improve competitive position.

Enhance the customer experience in-store (CX);


Utilising the right Mobile Payments Technologies to engage with your customers, PaiSec’s experts work closely with your finance, branding and operations divisions in leveraging the right technologies. Advising on how mobile payments can support branding, marketing and sales efforts in developing solutions, providing the right platforms and hooks to engage your customers with the right in-store experience.

Mobile and In-Store Connectivity


Everyone is now digitally connected in some way. As consumers, we choose to use mobile devices and social media platforms, to manage and improve how we live our lives.

As it is crucial retailers and wholesalers take full advantage of these possibilities and opportunities to capitalise on the globalised phenomenon that are mobile technologies.

PaiSecs mobile technology experts will ensure mobile platforms provide a win-win for both retailer, wholesaler and the shopper. From wayfinding to personal shopping, loyalty and payment, personalised media and augmented reality, our clients must ensure they build competitive and future-proof mobile platforms.