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Cart abandonment continues to run high, with rates well in excess of 60%.  That means that 6 in every 10 customers abandon their cart during the buying process.

A recent study in the USA showed the following results

  • 47% abandoned due to high shipping costs
  •  32% abandoned as no Free Shipping option
  • 24% abandoned as shipping costs appeared too late in the cart
  • 22% as speed of delivery was too slow
  • and many more
Do not miss out on sales opportunities because of issues that can be easily fixed.

Consumers are voting with their feet and to avoid the same mistakes make sure your business has the correct checkout design and the smart shipping options that will increase your cart conversion rate.

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Does your business have an optimised  smart routing option?

  • Can you select shipping options based on different criteria? Gross Margin, Location, Weight, Size, Promotional Activity etc.
  • Can you easily switch delivery or pick-up locations. Do you have full BOPIS capability?
  • Does your business have a simple and seamless returns process for eCommerce transactions?
  • Can you save money by utilising least cost routing across all carriers or by warehouse proximity?
  • Can you drive revenue via unique promotional pricing logic?
These are just some of the questions you should be able to answer with a YES. 
If you can not, then you should be looking at what you can do to make this happen

Tailor-Made business outcomes

Smart Shipping solutions

PaiSec through it’s Payments as a Service platform can help you answer these questions with a YES.

Through our Smart Shipping and Intelligent Routing technologies what we help you achieve

  1. Protect your revenue
    Did you know 4 of 6 leading reasons for cart abandonment are caused by poor shipping experiences? 
  2.  Increase consumer satisfaction and prevent unnecessary irritation
    Shipping delays create buyer anxiety. Eliminate order status guessing by displaying whereabouts and delivery time. 
  3. Turn a return into a positive customer experience
    Returns are a burden, but shoppers return up to 20% of items bought
    online. A bad return experience creates a dissatisfied and possibly lost customer. Simplifying the return process and label printing is a crucial part of this.
  4. Introduce smart “Free” shipping as a marketing tool
    FREE catches everyone’s attention and serves as a competitive advantage. However, free does not have to come at your expense. How? Smart rules can help determine what qualifies for free shipping based upon the individual product or total basket’s profitability
  5. and much more.
If you’d like to know more, simply download our information sheet or arrange a time for us to meet.

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The team at PaiSec is made up and can draw on a range of senior executives who have held roles as Managing Directors, Retail Directors, Sales Managers, FinTech executives,  eCommerce managers, Augmented Reality designers and many more that we bring into projects as required. 

When you engage with PaiSec you engage with a group of people who love what they do, have broad industry experience and have at one point probably held a role like your own.  

We bring to every project a wealth of experience, a current understanding of the market and an understanding of the technologies and trends that can help your business thrive.

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