How fintechs can help small businesses recover and grow post COVID-19

Not every company is able to reopen their doors now that the world is starting to head back to work. With so many regulations and restrictions in place during the past six months, many businesses couldn’t stay afloat and ended up shutting their doors forever. But for those businesses that were able to keep their head above water during the pandemic, the realization that past marketing and customer engagement programs may no longer be effective to what now is a pretty savvy digital world. Read more…

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AR Commerce

3D, AR can hurdle long-standing e-commerce challenges, help retailers maintain momentum

As we head into the crucial holiday season, Vertebrae’s recent consumer survey of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers found that the Web will remain a leading touchpoint for brands, as nearly 1 in 2 respondents (47.5%) do not feel safe shopping in stores. Close to two-thirds, 74%, said they now shop online at least weekly, with a third (34%) doing so at least once a day.

Furthermore, those who do visit brick-and-mortar locations report altering their behavior to reduce risk of transmission of COVID-19. In addition to minimizing contact at the point of sale, nearly 4 in 10 respondents said they practice no-touch browsing: 38% won’t try on apparel or accessories or test makeup, while 37% avoid touching merchandise unless they’re going to buy it. Read more….

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The great digital migration: 78% of consumers are changing payment methods

There’s a lot of talk, and a lot of percentages, being thrown around about how so many consumers are going digital and how so many small businesses are changing payment methods and a global study by Visa backs up the anecdotal information with research data.

The verdict: a portion of consumers and small businesses once reluctant to go digital prior to the pandemic have not only changed their payment methods, but are looking to continue the exploration of mobile and contactless payments moving forward.

Visa’s Back to Business study

The Back to Business study assessed the shift to digital commerce for consumers and small business, according to a press release. Conducted in the U.S., Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Singapore and UAE, the study was directed by Wakefield Research between June 18 and June 29. For the study, 250 small business owners at companies with 100 employees were surveyed. For the consumer portion, Wakefield Research surveyed 1,000 adults age 18+ in the U.S., and 500 adults ages 18 and older in Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Singapore and UAE. The data was weighted to ensure an accurate representation of adults ages 18 or older in each market. Read more…..

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