What We Do

PaiSec is an organisation that integrates business applications and payment solutions into an integrated platform. Paisec provides products, systems and solution around the Simple Payment Platform (SPS).

Our main platform provides a payment system that does not require a payment terminal. Further to this PaiSec’s solutions are also able to integrate with mobile phone, tablet technology and loyalty platforms which is a proven methodology to improve customer engagement and enhance customer experience.

PaiSec’s technology works with Point of Sale (POS) systems which eliminate the need for payment terminals in most situations.

If required, PaiSec can offer a hardware solution based on scanning technology and barcodes that also allow customers to make a payment or initiate a payment with their loyalty cards.

PaiSec have solutions that allow access to Endless Aisle functionality for apparel retailers.  Our hospitality solutions streamline the entire customer process from the first engagement with a booking through to final payment, including tipping.

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